My List of Best Honda Vehicles

by Chad Balser

at Buckeye Honda

in Lancaster OHIO

This List

Now obviously it all depends on your life style, this is just my overall list.

  1. Honda Accord EX 1.5L
  2. Honda Ridgeline
  3. Honda Civic EX or above
  4. Honda Passport
  5. Honda Odyssey
  6. Honda Civic SI
  7. Honda Insight

My Reasons

  1. I pick the Honda Accord EX 1.5L because I can literally get over 50 MPGs while driving that car in the city or highway.
  2. Honda Ridgeline is a very solid heavy duty mid-size truck as well as a every day driver. Very versatile and comfortable and safe and great on gas.
  3. The Honda Civic EX and above is loaded with cool features and it’s a blast to drive. It’s one of the safest cars on the road. The turbo engine gives it nice power with great fuel mileage.
  4. The Honda Passport looks awesome and it is very comfortable and safe to drive. I love the solid feel and weight of this SUV. It’s a very Smooth and quiet ride and the 3.5 V6 engine gets it done.
  5. The Honda Odyssey is by far the best family vehicle in the world. The comfort and space is incredible.
  6. The Honda Civic SI is just bad ass.
  7. Honda Insight is a very fun hybrid car to drive. Very spacious and quiet. I got 70MPGs in this car I town.

Every above mentioned car has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Honda Sensing.

About Me

I am a United States Army Officer Veteran working hard to make sure you enjoy your car buying experience at Buckeye Honda in Lancaster Ohio. I am the only associate at Buckeye Honda to obtain the Council of Sales Leadership Gold Status. After helping nearly 2000 people with a car purchase, my customer satisfaction index rating is 98.7%.

No Company Can Survive with putting the Joy of Customer Satisfaction First.

Contact Me

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